We are a Living History Group based in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the U.S.A.
We portray units of the 1st Infantry Division, including the 16th, 18th and 26th Infantry Regiment's, 701st Ordnance Light Maintenance Company, the 1st MP Platoon, 1st Medical Battalion, 1st Signal Company, 1st Recon Troop Mechanized, and other attached units and personnel from WWI to present day.
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The members of the Big Red One Living History Organization proudly honor the men and women of the U.S. Army during Second World War at multiple events every year.  Currently, their accurate historical portrayals include 3rd Battalion, K Co, a WWII living history group made up of members representing 16th, 18th and 26th infantry regiments, who accurately demonstrate Individual Soldier, Rifle Squad and Heavy Weapons Squad tactics, along with every day living during WWII. Displayed weaponry used by the U.S. forces, as well as captured German weapons, can be seen in the Ordnance Tent. 

The 701st Maintenance Company provides an impressive fully functional motor pool. At  the Motor Pool area a variety Vintage Military Vehicles can be found, including an M3A1 Half Track, Dodge Weapons Carrier, an Amphibious Duck, Jeeps, many motorcycles and even a few bicycles, along with the parts and tools to keep them moving. 

The 1st Medical Battalion has a complete field medic display, and has actual medics and nurses available if necessary.

A Field Kitchen, feeds the division. You can catch the aroma of sizzling SPAM and baked apple pies! A Ben Hur Water Buffalo supplies the kitchen and troops with fresh drinking water.

The 1st MP Platoon features a security check point and guard station, along with patrolling the Division Area and traffic control, keeping troops and vehicles moving smoothly.

The 1st Recon Troop Mechanized currently features an M3A1 half track and several Indian motorcycles.  The Troop expects to get issued some additional vehicles in the future!!    

The 1st Signal Company has one of the more unusual displays, real Pigeons, trained by the unit’s Pigeoneer, can be found at the mobile pigeon coop.  A working radio display keeps communications and orders fresh. While our Combat Photographer takes photographs for intelligence or publication. A Civilian War Correspondent from Stars and Stripes, Yank and newspapers back home, is attached to the Division to interview soldiers, and guests for articles in the unit’s publications.  If you’re a WWII Veteran be sure to stop by we want to hear your story.  It adds to the realism of our Living History portrayals.

It is an Honor for us to portray the Big Red One.  We preserve the History of the Past to Educate the Generations of the Future, about America’s Greatest Generation.

The Displays are Real, the Living Historians are Dedicated, the Experience is Awesome.  Visit the Big Red One Living History Organization, and step back in Time. Look, Hear, Feel, and Live, History up close and personal, we are the ultimate Interactive Living Museum Experience. 
Organizational chart for the 1st division during late WWII
Organizational chart for the 1st division during late WWII