26-27-28 May 2016 Memorial Day Parades
To be announced as info comes in!
Saturday, 26 May 2018
Mount Joy PA Parade

Form up at Dick Ryder’s house and get some chow:
218 West Donegal St
Mount Joy, PA 17552
11:30 lunch **** Provided by Dick Ryder, at his house where we form up!!! Great deal! This is where we will see Harold Billow (The LAST known living Malmendy Massacre survivor).
1:00 form up for parade
2:00 parade

Sunday, 27 May 2016
East Prospect PA Parade
Form up (3:30pm) and start 4:00pm

30, 31 May, 1, 2, 3, June 2018
Reading WWII Weekend Check In opens & our set up begins!
Reading PA WWII Weekend


8, 9, 10 June 2018
Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival
Butler PA

22, 23, 24, June 2018
Nazarreth, PA
Jacobsburg Historical Society
Presents a World War II Living History Weekend

13, 14, 15, 16 Louisville KY 43rd MVPA Convention

20, 21, 22 July 2018
Berwick WWII Weekend

Third Annual Weekend at Stuie's:
Berwick Test Track Park, Berwick, Pa
Allied and Axis Encampments ~ Period Car Show ~ Entertainment ~ Vendors ~ and more in the works!
Join us as we commemorate the Stuart tank in its hometown during the 1940s!
During the WWII era, the American Car and Foundry (ACF) - Berwick Plant worked to produce 15,224 tanks for American and Allied Forces. The Stuart tank, favored for its speed and mobility, was the first US tank fabricated. It saw action in theaters of war on all continents.
Berwick's Test Track Park is where the Stuart tanks were test driven upon completion.
Wondering where Berwick's Test Track Park is?
Google Location of Berwick Test Track Park.
Unit POC, Sgt. Bob Sandmeyer, Jr.

21, 22 July Deerfield NH
This will be in conjunction with a couple of museums and we are getting some interesting armor
POC for BROLHO MR. Barber

3, 4 August 2018
Tidioute, PA
Remagen Battle Reenactment

17, 18, 19 August 2018
Frederick MD
Rose Hill Manor Park & Museums World War II Weekend

17, 18 August 2016
Conneaut OH
D-Day Conneaut!

25, 26 August 2018
Thunder Over MI

14, 15, 16 SEP 2016
WWII Weekend, Eisenhower Farm

Unit POC: Sgt. Jae Hain-Matson

20 21 22 Sep 2018 Gilbert PA
Redball Militaria & MV Parts Swap Meet

6, 7 Oct 2018
Lancster PA display event

5, 6, 7 Oct 2018
Collings Foundation, Stow MA
Battle for the Airfield

12, 13 Oct. 2018
Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot

Oct 26 27 28 2018
Camp Atterbury WWII Event
Near Edinburgh, Indiana
Immersion Event!!

Dec 2018 Fort Mifflin  ????
Battle for Schmidt

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