We are a Living History Group based in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the U.S.A.
We are a 501(c)(3), Incorporated in the state of PA and are fully insured
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We are the 701st Ordnance Light Maintenance Company
We re-create a Motorcycle Maintenance unit during WWII. Sometimes we also perform small repairs while set up at public displays. This gives the viewing public a look at period equipment in use, in the field just as was done during WWII.

Since we have a number of motorcycles owned by unit members we also provide convoy escorts as well as a detail to escort FDR at shows such as the Reading WWII Weekend.

Our members also attend other public events, sometimes just as motorcycle messengers or dispatch riders, and even as Military Police!

We are a sub unit of the Big Red One Living History Organization, and to participate with us you are encouraged to click on Uncle Sam and enlist in the Big Red One!!
Contact Information:
Robin Markey
Jeff Hain-Matson
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We portray units of the 1st Infantry Division, including the 16th, 18th and 26th Infantry Regiment's, 701st Ordnance Light Maintenance Company, the 1st MP Platoon, 1st Medical Battalion, 1st Signal Company, 1st Recon Troop Mechanized, and other attached units and personnel from WWI to present day.
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