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AAR Report Collings Battle for the Airfield 2014

NOTE for those of you who have never been to one of these programs, They are a scripted programs There are two battles a day (Sat / Sun) . The In order to make things ”fair” the Germans win on Sat and the Allies win on Sun.

This year things shifted from taking out the Airfield in that the foundation acquired a V1 Buzz Bomb. So the script shifted to the hunt and destroy the V1 sites.

Those of you who are armor fans you really missed out in that there was a slew of big iron for this show. On the Allied side were 2 Sherman’s, a Stewart couple of ½ tracks, one with a quad 50 setup,, an M-8 , M-18 Hellcat,  M-20,  M-22 Locust , a Scout Car, Dodge WC, GMC CCKW and numerous Jeeps.

On the Axis side was V1 Buzz Bomb, 2, 88 cannons, real Stug,  replica Stug , Hetzer, 12T tractor (from Dirty Dozen movie) OT-10, German ½ track , Nebelwerfer, Kubelwagon , Mercedes Staff car and various motorcycles .  

The steadfast team from the Big Red One fielded 2 Jeeps, a WC 51 with a 37 MM Anti Tank gun. and a CCKW 2 ½ with a 57 MM gun

In attendance were ; Capt Brian Dugrenier (cause he couldn’t find his major pain oak leafs) CWO Bob Barber Sgt’s  Jason “Dapper Dan” Volk, and Paul Campbell, T5 Steve  Keith along with Pvts  Anthony Adamsky, Louis Carbone, Zachary Kavulich, Matthew Lucier, Quinn McGreevy, Thomas McGreevy. And the base support team of Karey Barber and Jeanne Keith.

Camp was set up on Fri, which included Bob Barbers recently acquired large wall tent for the enlisted troops His 18 X 18 and 10 X 12 flys. Also two small wall tents for the Officers. So we had more than enough room for all our troops. Good thing to since it rained Fri night into Sat morning and we woke up to frost on everything Sun morning.

Capt Dugrenier put on an excellent small arms display and held the fort with Karey while the rest of us went out to battle the Hun.

BRO members were assigned to the Search & Destroy team consisting of Allied forced including elements of the US 82nd and 101 Airborne, other unit infantry troops as well as British and Canadian forces to locate and take out the German V1 site. The BRO team used the Dodge WC with 37 MM cannon to back up the Armored vehicles.  The gun team consisted of CWO Bob B as the WC Command driver , Paul Campbell as the 37 MM gun captain, and Zachary Kavulich, Matthew Lucier, and Quinn McGreevy as the move and loading crew. We picked up John Handy as a straggler and pressed him into service along with us.  Thomas McGreevy provided perimeter crew cover with his BAR along with Louis Carbone.  Anthony Adamsky helped crew one of the Sherman as the 50 cal gunner.

We awoke sat AM to a light rain which continued into the first battle. The rain finally subsided by noonish and the rest of the day was cool but sunny. Both days we avoided detection by the German Fieseler Storch observation aircraft. But by watching it land we knew where the V1 site was,. What we didn’t realize was the site was under inspection by members of the German high command. It was fun to watch the big brass scramble to their staff car and bug out as we began our attack.

A coordinated attack was led by the armored vehicles. We were behind the them along with the infantry. After one of the tracks was hit and disabled we used it for cover as the team deployed and swung the 37 into action. Using the advantage of “run & gun’ we were able to take out the Nebelwerfer, a Kubelwagon, and a MG nest before being driven back by heavy resistance and superior firepower (damn 88’s ) twice on Sat.

But by Sun we knew we had whittled them down to the point we could get them. We mounted a main attack in the AM and a mop up one in the afternoon.. Both of which were highly successful with only minor injuries to our team.

For video of the event go to: